1.1. B
1.2. C
1.3. D
1.4. A
1.5. F


2.1. On the Sports Day pupils should be at school by 9 o’clock.  (True)
2.2. Students need a special note from their parents to take part in competitions. (False)
2.3. If it gets too hot, pupils will have regular lessons. (True)
2.4. All competitors should wear their PE uniform. (False)
2.5. The announcement is about safety rules during the Sports Day. (False)

3.1. In childhood, Eleanor
B. photographed her toys and pets.

3.2. Which event was the most important one for her career?
A. a magazine interview

3.3. On holiday, Eleanor likes taking photos of
C. ordinary people.

3.4. When Eleanor was in Africa, she
A. made many new friends.

3.5. Eleanor likes working with fashion models because they
B. do exactly what she wants them to do.


4.1. G. Drive less

4.2. H. Save energy

4.3. B. Produce less rubbish

4.4. A. Buy local products

4.5. E. Share your travel books

4.6. C. Avoid flying

4.7. F. Find a green travel agent


5.1. When they were at school, Ben and Jerry did the same job. (False)
5.2. They decided to set up an ice cream company when they were at university. (False)
5.3. Ben and Jerry had other business ideas before opening an ice cream shop. (True)
5.4. They opened their first ice cream shop in New York. (True)
5.5. Ben and Jerry wanted to have good relations with the local people. (True)
5.6. The text is about the most popular ice cream flavors in the USA. (False)


6.1. The postcard says that Miranda’s mother
C. qualified to take part in a TV show.

6.2. After getting the good news, Miranda’s mother
B. marked the date in the calendar.

6.3. Miranda intends to help her mother by
A. preparing questions for her.

6.4. Miranda may be called a ‚latchkey child’ because
A. no one is at home when she returns from school.

6.5. Which is true about Richard?
C. He is taller than Miranda’s mother.

6.6. When her mother returns home, Miranda
D. does not want to eat anything.

6.7. The story is about
C. a woman preparing for an important day.

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